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While we have the capability to deal with any kind of content-oriented projects, we are more keen to work with niche projects which demand value addition via the medium of creativity and skills. Yet still, we would love to hear more about your requirements and explore how we can help. Content is a weapon that can be wielded to target whatever your heart desires. But for convenience we can say that the content is now being consumed by four different segments categorically.

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Search Engines

Content for search engines is still driving the content writing industry dominantly. Blogs, articles, web content, classifieds, product descriptions - studded with suitable keywords - are the most popular content units that are being requested in the market. All this content is to be crawled by search engines for websites to find a good position when the required keyword is being searched in google.

Decision Makers

It is not easy to sway the lords of the corporates to give you what you want. In such cases and most of the other B2B pitches, you need a solid communication tool to convey your message and make the pitch. Here, you have a live audience whom you can amuse and can hit the treasure; or you can bore them and drown your ship. However, while amusement is important, it is also critical to remain contextually correct.


With social media and concepts of making money by hosting advertisements, such kind of content is again immensely popular. It can be a click-bait kind of content which intends to drive traffic or a genuinely well written piece providing credible information. The nature of such content will further depend on the purpose. Apart from this, such content can also be short stories or even full length books. Our ghostwriting services are usually sought after in such cases.

End Users

The end users for different products and services consume content through different mediums. While web content and product descriptions is intersectional here, the end users are likely to consume content via emails, social media and various other platforms. Such content must be crisp, catchy and have smart messaging; more than that, simple text is not likely to be enough to crack the deal. This is where the graphics and videos - merged with text and creative concepts is able to do the magic.